Yes, we really do start playing volleyball in Kindergarten! Our program believes in teaching our youngest players proper mechanics and skills from the beginning to maximize player success and build on proper muscle memory in future years. We also want to see kids have fun and love the game of volleyball. To do this, we modify the game in several ways: 

-light, colorful training ball (each child gets one to keep so they can practice at home too if they'd like)

-low volleyball nets 

-smaller court 

-decreased number of players on the court at one time 

-modified "games" where coaches try to keep the pace of the game up to hold interest. You won't see us playing real games until at least 3rd grade because they are really boring! We want kids to do more then stand there waiting for someone to try and get their serve over. 

-try and keep things positive & encouraging, but also have high standards and proper fundamentals so players are really learning as well. 

-focus on serving & passing


Our kindergartners practice once a week for 45 minutes, there are no weekend games. Practices are fast-paced to keep interest and very modified to ensure engagement stays high as well as proper habits are formed. 


Click here to view a list of teams with openings as well as dates and times. 


Each player gets a jersey and a volleyball to keep! Practices begin the week of April 3rd and run through May 20th on the night you select. The cost is $65 if you sign up by February 15th and $80 after that. Teams fill up fast, so make sure you sign up early! 


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